A staggering 34% of all employers in the UK don’t train their employees.

That’s according to a study conducted by AAT. 

It’s surprising that even in this day and age, organisations are still not seeing the value in encouraging our own learning and development.

As we’ve said before it is our responsibility to manage our own development despite the alarming statistic like the one above, but what does that really mean? If it’s our responsibility, our employers should be providing us with the right tools to grow in our professions… Shouldn’t they?

We’re born as self-learners. As children, we rely heavily on our ability to learn from our surroundings and the actions of others. As adults, however, it’s easier to pass the buck onto others and ask for help rather than to spend the frustrating hours, days, or weeks learning ourselves.

At Revium we’re lucky that we are encouraged to go and do what we love, so to help structure your development and grow, here are 10 top tips on managing your career and take charge of your own learning.

  • Have a plan!

    The first step is to understand what you want to achieve and then create a plan to make it happen. Start with where you are now and then determine where you want to be, what are the steps that get you to where you need to be? Remember to not only think about formal development but what experience and life skills do you need to reach your goal?

  • Build a great support network.

    When making key decisions about your career it’s really important that you have a strong network around you that can help shape your choices. Obvious people in your support network include coaches and mentors but it is also important to include friends, family and colleagues in these decisions. A network can be really great when times are tough and can help you bounce back higher.

  • Focus on high performance.

    Reaching your goal will depend heavily on your reputation and your performance plays a huge part in building a good reputation. Become a high performer in every role that you take on and remember that performance isn’t just great results but it is being great on the journey to achieving those results.

  • Discuss your career with your manager.

    The best managers will always want their team to do well and surpass them in the future. A manger should always be pushing their team to achieve their goals and instill the belief that anything is possible.

  • Avoid short term fulfillment.

    There will be times when an opportunity arises to move into a new role for an increased salary, this will feel like a sugar rush. When moving into a new role or company make sure that it is a step towards your final goal and the new role or business matches your values and ambition.

  • Always leave on a high!

    You will be surprised at what a small world it is, leaving your role or business with a great reputation could just help you out further in your career!

  • Not every move has to be up.

    Sometimes the best option is to move sideways, gain some experience and broaden your knowledge of an entire process. Having these experiences will lead you to making better decisions further in your career!

  • Continuously update your CV.

    It’s a great habit to update your CV to capture new skills, experience or qualifications as you achieve them. Looking back and trying to capture everything when looking for a new role is tough, so keep it up to date.

  • Be self-aware.

    It is important that you don’t try to run before you walk, gaining a qualification doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready for your next role. Gain experience and challenge yourself in other areas that will enhance your chances of reaching the next step of your plan.

  • Love what you do.

    Life’s just too short to do something you don’t love! At times you will have to take a step back to take two forward, enjoy the journey and grab every opportunity that comes your way.

There’s so much you can do to get yourself onto the right career path or headed in the right direction, but it takes a good plan to get you there. Thankfully we are given that opportunity at Revium and are encouraged to think outside the box and aim high, because life’s just too short…

If you’re looking for that next step, take a look at our latest opportunities HERE

Thanks for listening!

Sam Streak – Learning & Development Manager