A shocking 67% of employees worldwide say they aren’t engaged and this is vital to a business’s growth and success

We’ve always had people and engagement at the heart of what we do. Simply because if you’re people are engaged with the business and the work they are here to do, it will have an impact on the delivery of services/products to your clients.  This enhances client satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately helping the business to achieve its revenue and profit targets ensuring sustainability.  This is not news at all, I think businesses do realise this but struggle to implement this into their organisation.

Reflecting on last year (2017), we created a clear and ambitious “Engagement Strategy” that would ultimately move the needle on our employee’s engagement and satisfaction levels.  We aligned ourselves with the Investors in People and Best Companies Times 100 frameworks.  We focused on four elements, communication, health & wellbeing, recognition and employee feedback.

Looking at communication, we maintained our momentum from last year’s delivery of our in-house built internal Employee Engagement app, Loop. We also looked at implementing “Leaders Storytelling” with quarterly breakfast sessions, fortnightly employee forums and quarterly employee packs that showcased updates from across the business.

Our Health & Wellbeing initiatives was a very simple Body, Mind, Soul set of initiatives, this ranged from a group wide, Virgin Pulse Challenge that created a lot of initial engagement and awareness around the business (we had just under 50% of the business sign up and contribute to the cost), coffee cards were sent out to our regional employees to meet up and lastly, we also organised regional mental health courses to raise awareness and help our employees manage stress effectively.

Recognition was focused on our values, it was driven through our app, Loop.  Our employees could award a badge to their peers for demonstrating and living a particular value, the success exceeded our expectations with 4,653 badges awarded over the calendar year.

On employee feedback, we looked at asking better questions and driving impactful actions through our quarterly staff engagement survey, #YOURVIEW, this helped us track our progress throughout the year.

The end of year results showed an uplift on engagement and satisfaction, we grew our engagement score (aka response rate) by 18% to 93% and our satisfaction score increased by 6% to 79%, this was also validated with our re-accreditation of silver status for Investors in People and being placed in the Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For in the UK.

Although we have had great results, during the second half of last year we came across the evolution of Employee Engagement, Employee Experience. This finding made us pause and reflect on the direction we were going.  Next month we will be sharing more on how this has re-shaped our thinking.

Thanks for listening!

Graeme Anderson