Gender Pay Written Statement

As of April 2018 Revium Group (and all its subsidiaries) are required by law to publish their gender pay gap. This shows the difference in mean and median hourly pay and mean and median bonus payments between men and women. It also shows the total distribution of bonuses to male and female employees, and the distribution of male and female employees across each hourly rate quartile. The data is based on a snapshot date of 5th April 2017. Below are the results of the Gender Pay Gap Report written in 2018:

The above shows that the gender pay gap in the business is weighted in favour of females. The reason for this is that there is a far greater number of males in our field-based roles compared to head office roles. The nature of this work means that it is largely part-time and paid on a daily basis, but they also received bonuses based on KPI and sales targets, which support the bonus difference figures.

For the most part, salaries for all client focused roles are dictated to us by the client, so are out of Revium’s control and not impacted by gender.

The above table shows the proportion of males to females by quartile bands of pay and bonus level.

As a business Revium are committed to attracting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce from all areas of the population and would like to use the results of this report to continually develop Revium’s diversity and inclusion as a business.


Declaration from the Group Director

I can confirm that the data contained within this report is accurate and meets the Gender Pay Regulations.


Warren Richmond

*This document will be updated on the website within the next 7 days, to include a more digestible report.